Cinnamon and Sage Chicken

It’s a combination I would have never considered.  Turns out it’s fantastic.  My dad sent me this lovely article “The Secrets of Jamie Oliver’s Chicken and Milk” and I had to make ASAP.  I actually followed the chicken recipe.  My personal additions were the potatoes and matching veggies.  It will now reside in our family canon of comfort foods.

The essential flavors prepped.  So simple.  So beautiful.
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Tortoise raging is my life – slow progress.

It has been my birthday month.  For weeks, as a gift to myself I wanted to be able to post how much progress I made since January.  Progress in all areas of my life – athletically, personally, professionally…

Nope.  Not so much.  I have excuses.  My former routines and facilities have been disrupted.  I’ve been taking new classes that have changed my schedule.  I also just got discouraged and and progress got even slower.  Two Wednesdays ago (the 19th, a week after my birthday) I was going to be fantastically productive and instead I had a non-functional emotional meltdown.  Fortunately I have amazing friends and family and they all were perfectly wonderful in the face of my sobbing messiness.

I wanted to say “Patience grasshopper”  but I’m sick of patience.  I’ve had patience.  I’ve been patient for over a year. No, not just a year, years.  Fuck patience.  I’m ready for remarkable breakthroughs everywhere.  I could use fucking movie miracles of happy rainbows bursting out of the cracks of my life like dandelions through cement.

Instead, progress is, as always, infuriatingly slow.  One achingly small step at a time. Apparently tortious raging is my life.  That could be my personal Disney theme song right now.

So while I have nothing miraculous to share, and it’s one tiny aspect of my life…

On February 22nd my longest timed freestanding handstand was 1.72 seconds.  Last Tuesday April 25th a co-worker timed me at 3.22 seconds.  I was hoping for more like 5 seconds, but I’ll take it.

I’m also learning how to roll out of handstands:

Also working the progression towards a front handspring:

Nothing else to report for now.  I’ll keep plugging away one step at a time – the only way a tortious can rage.

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Something Fishy – Sardine Toasts

I successfully hid the fish!  Or perhaps balanced the fishiness?  I have a long history of mild failure with sardines.  They are so healthy and yet I’ve been repulsing the people I live with since my college years.  This time Will liked it!  Probably because I hid them well.  And the flavors were well balanced.
Again, I was inspired by The Laws Of Cooking – And How to Break Them.   This time it was the Law of The Wedge Salad.  It is about balancing funky with fresh.

I loved the concept but I want my sardines to be easy.  There will be no deboning fresh sardines for an appetizer.  I wanted a quick healthy meal that I could pull together on a whim.   Continue reading

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Roast Chicken – Breaking the Laws

I cooked something new!  One only has so much mental energy to tackle new things.  These days I’ve been cooking a lot of can’t fail, no-brainer meals.  Still, cooking is where I can really get my creative juices flowing.  It was a treat to make time for something new.

My dad shared this gem of a book with me.  The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them by Justin Warner

I love food books that are more about ideas, theories,  and techniques.  This one was so much fun I actually read the forward, introduction, and the intro to each chapter.  Then I picked a recipe to play with.  I don’t think I can share the recipe with you as it’s not mine to share.   Yet I can tell you about the fun I had.

I chose his Orange Blossom Chicken.  It hails from his “Law of Lemonade” which is about sweet and sour (or sugar and acid).

The marinade was tons of orange juice and zest, plus sugar, and salt.  Also black peppercorns and two bay leaves.  Oh, and cream.  Lots of heavy cream. Continue reading

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Tortoise Raging

It went too well!  The problem with having a nearly perfect trip is there is less of a story to tell.   The  TL,DR (“Too Long, Don’t Read”) version of this goes: The weather was awesome, we were awesome.  It was almost too easy.

Dare I say it was too easy to qualify for Type 2 Fun?  Which is kind of amazing for a winter camping trip in the BWCA.  Especially considering last years thwarted camping.

When things are going comically poorly we have fewer photos but better stories.  I know it was mostly Type 1 Fun because there were plenty of photos.

Things were so comfortable Will took plenty of video and put together this beautiful little film of our trip.


I have just one story to tell.  This is the story of Tortoise Raging.

It began with underestimating of the portage into Angleworm Lake, again.   Continue reading

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A different progress report.

Public accountability.  It can be a wonderful thing.

Sometimes we hope and wish no one is watching us.  Other times, such as blogging, even if no one is watching we hope an imagine people are.   So I share my progress in an attempt to use you readers (both real and imagined) to hold me accountable to my goals.

One year ago (February 28th 2016 to be precise) I announced my big boring budgeting goal. By the end of April I admitted that the only “progress” that I had made was rscreen-shot-2017-01-28-at-3-51-03-pmealizing how much it made me want to cry.  This has been epic type-two fun for me.  It’ll be fun to have money for all the athletic and outdoor adventures, but in the meanwhile it’s been a fucking miserable slog.  I’ve been angrily determined to push through my childish tantrums or quiet panic.  It hasn’t always been pretty.  For about four months I completely gave up.

It’s now been NINE months since that last update in April.

Sometimes the best way to do something awful is to make someone else do it too.  Last November I roped Andrea into being as miserable as me.  It’s working.  She’s about ready to throttle her computer, or her accounts, or YNAB, or maybe me.  I feel loads better.

I’ve finally felt real progress.  I actually got all my transactions logged and adjusted the monthly budget.  More significantly I didn’t dread it.  I managed to do the task without undue anxiety and mental resistance.

I still have a lot to learn and it’s not an automatic habit yet.
But still, it’s progress.  Yay!

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Team Velocikitty Snuggles

Team Velocikitty Snuggles –  we’re fierce like Velociraptors but we play like kittens.  Snuggly yet deceptively sharp and dangerous.

I’ve missed several weeks of blogging but that’s been because I’ve been accumulating stories to tell you.  Will and I went on our annual winter camping trip, which was awesome.  But first I must tell you about another victorious relay race.

Team Velocikitty Snuggles was dreamed up last summer.  I wanted to do the Square Lake Triathlon, but I didn’t want to bike.  So being a terrible coach but a great friend I convinced Andrea to skip a different triathlon she was registered for and do Square Lake as relay with me.   Team VKS was born.

We totally won the relay.  More importantly, it allowed for the continuation of the dinosaur shenanigans

Because in October when Andrea wanted to do the King Boreas Winter Triathlon (run, bike, ski) as a relay there was no doubt that Team VKS would be there. Continue reading

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