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Evil Pigeon River

Arrrrrrg. This story is daunting just to write. The last two days were so epically weak, so tragically hard, yet so stupidly simple, I can’t do it justice. It needs some good cinematography and a soundtrack. Perhaps David Attenborough could … Continue reading

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Crawling Back On

Three weeks ago I confessed to being off the exercise wagon. Sometimes I’ve actively been chasing it down. Sometimes I just feel like I’m being dragged by my tether.  It’s been inconsistent and I’m still looking for the hooks that … Continue reading

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Adventures in Turducken

It started as a suggestion. Then it became a persistent request.  I felt it even when it wasn’t there. The need for turducken was growing. A turducken is a chicken stuffed inside a duck, inside a turkey. For a year … Continue reading

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Happy Biker, Awkward Yogi

I don’t hate biking anymore. It’s strange to be missing a feeling I had come to terms with always having. I accepted a vague sense of dread or outright terror as part of biking just like helmets and U-locks. At … Continue reading

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My Big Tri, with tiny bubbles, a caterpillar, and ice.

We watched the sun rise on the boat as we anticipated the start.  Shortly after 6:30am the inevitable got closer one person at a time, three seconds apart.  “Really?” I uttered as I was told to jump.  I was more … Continue reading

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